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    Award winning musician Pete Lockett is one of the most versatile and prolific percussionists in the World. His percussive skills range from traditional Carnatic and Hindustani music of North and South India to traditional Japanese taiko drumming; from blues, funk and rock to classical, folk and ethnic and from Arabic to Electronic. Having worked in virtually every field of music conceivable both live and in the studio, his boundless talents have earned him a reputation as one of the most wanted percussionists in the world.

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    Pete Lockett has put together some kits for all drummers longing for more percussion sounds! Pete is playing his sounds with sticks on the DrumIt Five kit. Only a little reverb is added for atmosphere.

    To use Pete's kits/sounds setup please follow these instructions:

    Copy the sound folders in the Pete Lockett percussion folder to the Perc folder of the DrumIt Five memory. and you will be able to play his sounds at these kit numbers below. You must also download the drumit.dkt file you find in the Pete Lockett percussion folder to make that happen. This drum kit bank is built up with the standard 100 factory kits besides these kits located from 40 to 46.

    Please note: Before you download and overwrite your own drumit.dkt file we strongly suggest you make a backup of your own drumkit file!

    Pete configured these kits with his percussion sounds which are mainly located on tom 1 and tom 2 and incorporate the rims. Please listen to Pete's explanations of the kit setup's on the MP3 files.

    #40 Req bendir combo
    • Bendir on floor tom / rack tom 2
    • Req on rack tom 1 and snare.
    • Bass drum low Udu
    #41 Doumbek kit
    • Darabouka on floor tom and rack tom 2
    #42 Lockett Ghatam
    • Ghatam on floor tom and rack tom 2
    • Kanjira on rack tom 1 ( Open on rim, slap on drum )
    #43 Wood Blox
    • Wood blocks on rack toms
    • Crasher on hihat
    • Crasher on cymb 2 ( tuned down )
    #44 Lockett Cajon
    • Cajon ( With jingle ) on floor tom and rack tom 2
    #45 Lockett Pandeiro
    • Pandiero on floor tom and rack tom 2.
    • Instead of doing an extra half open / muted open tone I have assigned the open tone also to the rim of the floor tom and made it a much shorter decay. This serves the same purpose as the muted open tone.
    #46 Lockett compelit
    • A compilation of sounds added with delay more or less for fun.
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Pete Lockett

Professional Series: Percussion Instruments

NewCheck out Pete Lockett's educational videos!

You will find a number of percussion instrument sounds for download on these pages. There will be more added soon so keep popping by to check.

They are all designed with the drum set player in mind and are configured in such a way as to give the drummer a direct access to playing these sounds with a feeling of authenticity along the lines of the actual acoustic instrument.

Quite often a drummer will add a percussion instrument to their drum set. A pair of bongos above the hi hat, a conga to the left of the hi hat etc. It is a very useful thing in situations where something a little different is required. There are so many percussion plug-ins now at the fingertips of the songwriter that they will often want this little extra bit of input from the drummer, be it live or in the studio.

With this in mind I have been beginning to develop combinations of kit and percussion which could serve both purposes. At the core of it is the idea of having a percussion instrument spread across two drum pads. This gives the drummer the option of still keeping the main body of the drum set whilst having this extra percussion add on.

Take the Cajon for example, the wooden box so popular for many years in Spanish flamenco and increasingly popular in mainstream western music. If one puts the open bass tone on the floor tom and the treble and slap tones on rack tom 2 skin and rim, then one immediately has a good playable configuration. Same with Darabouka or many other percussion instruments where the bass tone can be on one pad and the treble tones on another.

The idea also is that the configuration makes it easy for a drummer with no knowledge of the traditional drum to use simple stickings such as ‘R L R L’ or ‘R L L R L L R L’ and come up with something that can certainly create the feel of the acoustic instrument.

All the MP3 demos on this page are using these patches and are played with sticks on the 2Box kit. There are no loops or acoustic playing involved at all. You will be surprised at what you hear.

Bendir Samples

Pete Lockett Bendir demo MP3 10.1 MB Download
PL Bendir Bass Drum 7.1 MB Download
PL Bendir Snare Head 2.3 MB Download
PL Bendir Snare Rim 1.1 MB Download

Clave Samples

PL Clave NA 1.5 MB Download

Crasher Samples

Pete Lockett Crasher demo MP3 5.4 MB Download
PL NA 1.5 MB Download

Darabouka Samples

PL Darabouka Bass Drum 1.8 MB Download
PL Darabouka Snare Head 1.7 MB Download
PL Darabouka Snare Rim 1.5 MB Download
PL Darabouka Floor Tom Rim 860 KB Download

Ghatam Samples

Pete Lockett Ghatam demo MP3 3.9 MB Download
Ghatam NA 1.8 MB Download
Ghatam NA 2.1 MB Download
Ghatam NA 1.2 MB Download

Granite Wood Block Samples

Pete Lockett Wood Block demo MP3 5.4 MB Download
PL Granite NA 1.6 MB Download

Hi-Frame-Drum Samples

PL Hi Frame Bass Drum 4.3 MB Download
PL Hi Frame Snare Head 4.2 MB Download
PL Hi Frame Snare Rim 885 KB Download

Jingle-Cajon Samples

Pete Lockett Cajon demo MP3 3.6 MB Download
PL Cajon NA 2.3 MB Download
PL Cajon NA 1.9 MB Download
PL Cajon NA 1.9 MB Download

Kanjira Samples

PL Kanjira Bass Drum 3.1 MB Download
PL Kanjira Snare Head 1.3 MB Download

Pandeiro Samples

Pete Lockett Pandeiro demo MP3 6.2 MB Download
PL Pandeiro NA 3.6 MB Download
PL Pandeiro NA 1.3 MB Download
PL Pandeiro NA 2.0 MB Download

Req-Jingle Samples

PL Req Snare Head 2.1 MB Download
PL Req Jingle Bass Drum 1.3 MB Download
PL Req Jingle Floor Tom Rack 1.0 MB Download
PL Req Jingle Snare Rim 2.2 MB Download

Udu Samples

PL Udu Bass Drum 2.0 MB Download
PL Udu Snare Head 1.2 MB Download