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20180303 Updated Editor software for PC and Mac to be compatible with the new DrumIt Three module's new trigger types.

  • Multi-Zones

    Creating multi-zones sounds is now supported.

  • Loops

    Making a loop is now supported.

  • Wizard

    Hihat wizard to simplify the process when creating hihat sounds.

  • Browser

    Files in the browser ( Kit and Sound mode ) can be refreshed via the refresh button.

  • Memory

    Improved memory usage and overall performance.

  • Kit selection

    Kit selection can be changed by using Arrow-Up and Arrow-Down

  • Copy & Rename

    In "Copy / Rename" - dialog, kits can be copied, moved and swapped

  • Export single kit

    A selected kit could be exported as single kit using File > Export Single Kit ( CTRL + E )

  • Import single kit

    A single kit can be imported via File > Import Single Kit ( CTRL + I ) at a certain position in a kit bank.

  • A kit bank can be saved under a different name via File > Save Kit Bank As ( CTRL + SHIFT + S )

  • Suggested name

    When exporting a single kit, the program will suggest a file name, based on the name in the kit bank.

  • Save as Loop

    A single sound file, dragged and dropped into the graph area, can be chosen to be saved as a Loop sound file by ticking the Loop Sound box at Properties.

  • Multi-zone sounds

    3 Zone snare is now supported.

    • - Kick, Percussion, Loop ( 1 Zone )
    • - Snare ( 3 Zones )
    • - Tom ( 2 zones )
    • - Cymbal ( 3 Zones )
    • - Hihat ( up to 16 types )
  • Hihat Wizard

    A Hihat set-up wizard for types is available to help configure a hihat based on the requirements of the user.

  • Types could be changed via a selection box for each zone.

  • Zone names

    The name of a zone can be changed by double clicking the title of the zone.

  • Sounds can be saved under a different name using File > Save Sound As ( CTRL + SHIFT + S )

  • Suggested name

    When saving a sound, the application will suggest a name for the DSND file, based on the dropped wave files.

Important Information

Always remember to close down the Editor software before you disconnect the DrumIt Five from the USB port.

Installation Instructions

  • 1

    Connect the DrumIt Five unit to your PC or Mac via a USB cable. Boot up the Unit in USB mode by holding down the left button above the LCD at startup. After download, double click on the DrumIt 1.0.6 installer ( Windows only ).

  • 2

    At start up the Editor will be looking for a drumit.dkit file. ( The .dkit file holds all the DrumIt Five settings. ) Navigate to the DrumIt Five drive and choose the drumit.dkit file in the top level folder.

  • 3

    The Editor starts up with drum kit number 1. The pad symbols are laid out according to the trigger type settings in the DrumIt Five unit. They do not necessarily reflect the type of sound loaded on each channel.

  • 4

    Choose Audio Settings from the Setup menu and select the audio output. There is a Test button to check if the audio output is operational.


  • Windows Editor 1.0.6
    Size: 1MB Download

    Spec: Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7

  • OSX Editor 1.0.6
    Size: 2MB Download

    Spec: OS X 10.4 or later for Intel based Macs

  • Quick Start guide
    Size: 537KB Download
  • Test Samples download
    Size: 2.7MB Download

    Info: 24 Separate samples to create your own *.DSND sample "Birch 14 AMB EQ" which is a 14 inch snare made from Birch with an ambassador head and some EQ tweaking for an interesting hi pitch sound.